North Kiteboarding Evo 2009 7mts Review

After my good ride on the 9 mt. i was all excited to try the 7mts… first i need to ask North if they are sure this is a Evo-lution of 2008´s…it has that name on the tips and bag but doesn´t fell even close to the 2008´s model… on the 9mt…ok, its close to the older model but they did a nice job putting and taking away what it was expected… but the 7 mts its a completelly diferent would say feel like a complete new kite and  ALL FOR GOOD!!! 

I try it in 20-24 knots not too gusty on-shore wind, with 1-3 foot  wind waves…5th element 25 mts lines…  and the kite is sweet, soft on the steering lines and not pulling much on the power lines… perfect for keep my progress on unhook riding… goes upwind really good even when the wind was limit… follows you on the wave riding, even on onshore waves (found it easier to backstall than 2008) great and fast relaunch does it itself…found that hangtime is not missing like in the 08… fast kiteloops even on the neutral zones, nice whe need a fast scape from the wave… I don´t miss my 08, sorry.

Next day the wind was a bit stronger, 20-30+ knots, offshore and gusty, 1-2 foot clean waves, 25mt lines. After this day  i decided that this is THE KITE of the year… On the first day i found the 5th element a bit loose so decided to tight it one knot shorter, the kite changed a lot, holding the gust much more, softer pull on the bar when overpower… but when underpower was riding short so decided to ride again with the 5th element loose and  much better. Definitly need to do that  setting for over 27 knots so the ride will be more confortable. It was holding 30 knots perfectly so with 20 mts lines and shortening the 5 th element i should be ok on 35+ knots… shit not sure i need the 6 mt… hope somebody makes a review to know more about that size…

Had the opportunity to try the new Helix on the first day, to do a fast compare, it has softer bar steering but lots more pull from the center lines to the harness, was nice to ride, nice aerials too… but like better my Evo.

For the beginners i recommend to set the kite not to powerfull mostly on light underpower situations cause of the backstalling diference between 08´s model. Definitly better recomended than the Rebel for the firt steps.

Best winds.


North Evo 2009 7mts.


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